Center of Rural Tourism La Tata


For that they wish to eat or to have supper in the house we do a sweet kitchen with time and despacito savoring every minute, we have the traditional Castilian spanish stew, that from the early morning, wakes up the senses, the weaned lamb churro roasted with patience, chuletón of ox to the stone, the vegetable salmigundi, the gratinados asparagus of the side, without forgetting the good meats hunting, all the accompanied with best vegetables by the Earth and best wine.


Our restaurant, has a capacity of 80 companions at table, is totally conditionned and offers a careful service to our clients with an ample Earth letter and with daily menus to the price more reasonable than it can imagine and that according to our clients, they are special.

Wednesdays we have institutionalized the Castilian Spanish stew and Thursdays the roasted weaned lamb, as examples of this treatment and quality of which we were conceited.

Restaurante 2