Center of Rural Tourism La Tata


Rooms - 2007-2008

Available: 7

Lodging A.D.
Double H.: 40€
Simple H.: 25€

(Supper Saturday, room, breakfast and food)
Even price: 150€

Ornithological route (stroll in horse cart):
Price: 80€ (Maximum eight people)
The route includes a stroll by cerealista stock from the towns River basin, Gatón, Villabaruz and return to River basin. In this route they will be able to see different native birds like Primilla Kestrel, Perdiz, Tórtola, Avutardas.

Cinegetic weekend:
(Supper Saturday, room, breakfast, hunting of perdiz in open field and food)
Price: 130€ by person.

Horse routes:
Price: To consult.

Lodging of horses:
Pupilaje de Caballos (monthly) Includes feeding and cleaning: 130€

Request more information calling to our telephones of information and reserves:
+34 983761131
+34 615063588