Center of Rural Tourism La Tata

Another information

The first that we want that they feel our clients when entering our establishment are the sensation of which they are in his house, protected by his walls and their people, and that trasmita him of natural form a warm sensation and harmony that transfers to him at the best moments of its history, of its past, remembering of spontaneous form sensations that believed forgotten.

In our facilities he will be able in the heat of to enjoy a familiar atmosphere nature where he will remember the flavors, scents and sounds of his childhood. We try that he makes a trip to other knowledge that a day were those of our parents and our grandparents, and that without knowing it is anchored in us like Earth roots. As if we suddenly returned to search carefully in the old trunks of the house where they lived.

Send a Mail to our direction Center of Rural Tourism “the Tata”, or llámenos to telephones 983.76.11.31 or 615.06.35.88, ask whatever want and establish their preferences. We will be enchanted to take care of to him.