Center of Rural Tourism La Tata


The attractiveness of our zone is many whoever to recall this sea of Castiilla or, simply, to live another model a weekend. The C.T.R. “The Tata” offers a personal option to them and is transparent destined to special people. We have an objective: to provide a stay to them that does not forget. Come to know this good earth natural and know its qualities for the entertainment and the rest.

Either he is during the capable season of the general, (for 2007 from the 28/09 to the 27/01/08) in free hunting or by means of prepared sessions, we offer to the cinegetic complete sessions of hunting, quail, torcaz, hare with galgo and much perdiz. To the height of these days it is our typical kitchen as he will be able to verify same you.

If its model is another one, we recommended the strolls to him in cart. Comfortable, safe and adapted to the most demanding standards, we want that the special privilege remembers during long time through our ornithological routes and that has our cinegetic treasure, avutarda. Take with you his prisms binocular or his camera and its retina it will enjoy unique images.

rutasacaballo.jpg ROUTES AND STROLLS TO HORSE.
If they are initiated, also they can enjoy the horse routes; more independent. It will be able to see our Castilian pigeon houses, our sources or, simply to take a walk to backs of rocín enjoying the landscape and the tranquillity of spirit that trasmiten these earth that without a doubt will clarify ideas to him and facilitate the adjustments of their interior.

senderismo.jpg SENDERISMO.
Shorter but less attractive and they do not allow to carry out simultaneously senderismo activities and photographs, with all the Castilian variety of flora and fauna, as well as crossed by landscapes without contaminating nor commercializing, guaranteeing a variety of accessible and pleasant surroundings.

We have spaces to horses and dogs, either throughout the year or in precise dates. These cares adapt customized to the concrete characteristics of the animal, mascot or to the personal appreciations of the owner.